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(980) 485-4392 is a Real Estate Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hey, guys, it's Jim Welch. Just checking up on you. Hope you've been doing well. Did you get what you all needed? Because when we spoke, I know you went somewhere else, and you probably got a really good rate, but times are different now. Look at the equity position, and it's really strong. And if you still have a bunch of equity in your house, that's definitely a problem. If your real estate is working for you, great. If it's not, then it's working against you. And that's what these banks are doing. They're using your equity for their advantage, and that's how they make their billions. So give me a call. I'll explain how it works. We're the bank. We'd give you the no point, no cost loan for you to get your equity out and for you to be able to use strategic investments for it. We're just the bank to make it happen for you. So my numbers is 949-228-9243 again. 949-228-9243.
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I am so pleased and impressed! I have never been happier that I decided to use an App. Thank you!

I have already recommended it to anyone who is disturbed by robo calls - all my friends and even people who I do not know just passing in a store if it is mentioned

I absolutely love love love love love this service!!

It has saved me from getting up from lunch or dinner many times in the last year. A suggestion would be to work on blocking political calls before the 2016 election.

Great............Love it..............

Trying to stop or at least limit Robocalls almost became a part time job for me. I would diligently try to use their "press 5 to be removed from our list" [yeah, THAT works!], & even more diligently report the numbers/caller ID in complaints to the Do Not Call Registry. Pretty much to no avail & a losing battle. Then I read about Nomorobo. Gave it a try & OMG, what a difference! An IMMEDIATE difference! A real Godsend --- The peace is wonderful. One little ring & then nothing. Thank you so much!!

I think it is great! I tell everybody about it.

before i used Nomorobo my phone was constantly ringing with unwanted calls it has all stopped!Love this service!! Will tell all my friends and family about it!

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