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(919) 578-3756 is a Business Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hi My name is Bob Hanson and I make cold calls for several different Web designers is setting up appointments for them to talk to business owners about building websites what I'd like to do if you let me is to talk to you about we help you in the same way yes setting up web design apartments for you with local business owners as so please press 1 on your phone to be connected directly to me Bob Hanson right now or if you're more comfortable Kamiya 919-238-7007 I work by the appointment not by the hour and all my appointments are guaranteed So again my number is 919-238-7007 of course you can just press 1 to talk to me directly right now and I even have a special offer so you can try me out at a discount at 911-238-7007 or press 1 or you can press 2 to be taken off my list thanks so much.
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