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  • Transcript Hello, this is Congressman Josh Burkeeen. I'm calling to invite you to join our Teletown hall event taking place in just a few moments. On the call, we'll discuss the issues that are facing our nation. We're going to talk about the debt crisis, and you're going to be able to ask questions. Please stay on the line and you will be automatically connected. If you no longer wish to receive these calls, press the number nine now. If you have questions about this event, please call our office at 918-283-6262 please hold while we connect you to your access live event. This access live event is currently in progress. Please note that this call may be monitored, recorded, or rebroadcast. Where we walked away from your principles, and we're eating the fruit of that with what we see, with our debt and our deficits and just the cultural rot. And we just ask that those of us that care deeply about our kids future and about a nation that is a light to the world. We just ask that we'd be used as instruments the way that you would have to be used. And that, lord, we would cry aloud as Isaiah 58 talks about. We wouldn't hold back, that we would raise our voices like a trumpet and not be afraid, but we would speak the truth and love to see our nation restored to greatness. Ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen. We've got some town halls that we're actually going to be live. So we want to just take a moment here just to let you know about these town halls in the second congressional district. Of course, you can tell by the suit and time. And I'm in DC tonight. We just got through voting off the floor. We'll talk about some that's making the news even tonight. But I will be back in the congressional district in some town halls. Here's the dates and locations. And then you can, of course, go to our website, burking house dot Gov to get the times. But just kind of speed us through Monday, February 19. These are the towns. Monday, February 19. I will be doing live town halls, our long town halls in McAllister, starting that morning, then onto Chicoto, then Wagner, then Pryor, Ulagal, and we'll end that evening in Bartlesville. That's February 19. And then on the 20th, February 20, starting that morning, we'll be in Grove and then Miami, then Bonita Shoto, Fort Gibson, and then that evening, 06:00 p.m. Ending a day on February the 20th in Claremore. And then on February 21, Wednesday, February 21 we'll start that morning in Oak Mogi, then Ufala, then Muskogee at noon, then Tallakwa. That afternoon Salisaw at 430, and then finished that evening, then poto at 630.
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Robocall has given me some peace

Great! I recommend to all. Unfortunately it doesn't work with att or verizon. I suspect they will never allow it. You need a "work around" solution.

I have Time Warner Digital Phone and several friends, also TWC Digital Phone subscribers, had a problem calling me. They said my phone would ring once or twice and then hangup. I had to disable Nomorobo. I was very pleased with Nomorobo and would activate again if you could resolve my TWC issue.

It rocks! Saves us from so many calls.On the wishlist, each user could have a personal block list so that they could add numbers to the block list! I'd pay for that.

Love the one ring and then they're gone! My husband and I always give a little YAY!


We love it. I have told all my family and friends about Nomorobo and they love it.


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