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  • Transcript I'm going from save my carrot 82503648 with a critical action alert we just got word that Senate Republicans are writing a health care repeal bill in total secret and plan to force a vote on it by the end of the month they refuse to hold any public hearings or take expert testimony the only thing we do know is that it will be very similar to the disastrous bill passed by the House which means it could take health insurance away from 23 million people and raise your premiums by as much as 20 percent all to give big tax breaks to the rich and big corporations it's outrageous there's not much time left we have to swap the Senate with goals for your senator Shelley Moore capital and demand to see the bill tell her to vote against any bill that takes away our care or raises our cost to speak to Senator capitals OP is right now simply Prezi right when your touch tone phone we will connect you at no charge press 0 now to be connected.
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