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(877) 460-6447 is a Fake Police Charity Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript You. Hello? Hi, it's Tom Evans for the National Committee for Volunteer Firefighters. Pat we're having our fun drive and reaching out to everyone in the area. The hope is to make sure that our firefighters have the most current life saving equipment and firefighting gear available so they can better protect our homes and our communities. So we need to elect lawmakers who will support our firefighters and look out for the safety as well. Now, when you receive your donation return envelope, can we count on you to return a small donation for the driver? Oh, that's wonderful. Thank you so much. Our top donation levels are 50, 35, or $30. Can we count on your support with one of these? So how much would you like to donate? Hello. So how much would you like to donate? That's okay. Most people are doing less. The most popular levels are the booster spots. They're 25 or $20, and they really help out. Can we count on your support with one of these? So how much would you like to donate? So how much would you like to donate?
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it helps but the fact that my phone still rings once can be annoying late at night. Also MANY calls are still coming thru> The stupid cable company ( Time Warner) ALLOWS unidentified calls even tho I have blocked them as they consider " name unavailable" to be an identity!!!!!thnx for all you are doing to try to knock off this nonsense! I did not have this kind of trouble with phone calls until we switched to Time Warner!! and yet we pay $2 to be unlisted..... what a waste!

I still love hearing the infamous 'one ring'.. It is music to my ears... NOMOROBO was profiled on my local news, serving the northern Virginia and Washington area. I have been very happy with the foolproof nature of your product. Thank you....

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