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  • Transcript American leprosy missions president and C.E.O. with an urgent request you recently received a mailing which included a letter from me about our year in challenge there's a picture of a vile in that letter and that vile is the hope many people are waiting for a vaccine for leprosy but if we don't receive $111000.00 by June thirtieth we are jeopardizing the progress of this potentially groundbreaking back scene and your gift could be the help that we need to end leprosy and so I pray that you can help us meet this deadline so please return your gift in the postage paid on below that was included in the mailing you received thank you for your compassion toward those affected by leprosy and for more information please call us at 180-543-3135 extension 1805433135 or visit us online at leprosy dot org Thanks again and God bless and this call was paid for.
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