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  • Transcript A lot had your number is someone interested in getting a legitimate agent for either acting or modeling I've called you in the past but I never heard back so this will be my last call you're either serious or not not definitely wouldn't want to bug you of course if you do have an interest we would need to set up a photo shoot for headshots which is the only money you should spend no real agency will ever ask for money and don't pay any acting or modeling schools I can prep you for Agent interviews myself I direct commercials and music videos for both Warner Brothers and universal here in Burbank I've placed over 1400 people with ages from babies to senior citizens and I've been a member of the Better Business Bureau well over 14 years I include body shots for prep help with resume coaching for interviews agent referral and assistance with work permit include going to count for minors if that applies I guarantee all my work and I've had well over 12000 clients I do have agency in people right away so if you do have a genuine interest please press the number.
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