Phone Scam Alert!

(803) 891-4814 is a Tax Debt Reduction Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript You. Hello. This is an authoritative notice regarding potential federal back taxes you may owe. The intent of this message is to advise you of possible impending tax liens and bank levies. However, using the newly introduced Federal Economic Recovery Policy, you can prevent these liens and levies by choosing to act accordingly. You will not need to repay the overdue taxes. They will simply be classified as noncollectible and dismissed. Once your request is processed, act promptly and navigate to the website www. Dot alert 10 119 dot to move ahead with the process. Again, that website spelled out is www. Dot the letters Aalt, then the numbers 10 119. Com so it reads alert 1019. Com. This call will now terminate and the message will be marked as delivered. Thank you for your attention.
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I absolutely love it. It's still annoying to get one ring, but it's so much better than having to get up to answer it. I didn't have any trouble setting it up, but some might be intimidated by the multiple steps.

We usually have dinner around 7pm and it seems like that is when robocalls start. It is great to hear the phone ring only once and not have to interrupt dinner to answer the phone. Nomobo made dinner enjoyable!

It's really great

It's great!!!

LOVE Nomorobo. Nearly went crazy from robo calls. Now life is serene. Works unfailingly.

As the na name states no more annoying calls Thank you!

Big decline in robo calls since I signed up

Thank you! I had doubts about nomorobo - I was so wrong! I love it! You all should win some sort of peace prize!

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