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  • Transcript This is a message for insurance and financial professionals if you are not 1 please down the line to opt out now are you well they're 1 of the most powerful financial tools in the country are you and your clients leveraging the full power of this type of policy maybe you want to know more about when to show you well and how to present it hi this is Amy with American general life in a I G member company with news about our on demand I.E. while training series and this 4 part market education series you will learn about how index universal life I.E. well policies work I.E. well policy loans cash value accumulation impact of A.G. 49 and I you well sales you can access each of the modules on demand anytime at your convenience with no logon or password needed I'd like to send you a link to the training page with all 4 on demand sessions as well as an innovative interactive presentation tool for you well called life to the max this I will simplifies conversations into layman's terms with easy to understand charts you can also click on various scenarios to see creative solutions to common retirement challenges at this link you'll be able to learn how life insurance can be a key to achieve.
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