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(717) 593-7555 is a Political Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Hello, this is U. S. Senator Bob Casey. I'm calling to invite you to my Teletown Hall event, taking place in just a few moments. Please stay on the line and you'll be automatically connected. If you have any questions after the call or we can assist you in any way, please call my office at 202 46324 that's 202-24-6324. Again, please stay on the line. You'll be connected to the Teletown Hall in just a few moments. Finally, if you wish to be added to the do not Call list, please press nine now. Thank you. Please hold while we connect you to your access live event. The access live event is currently in music hold and will start momentarily. Please note, this call may be monitored. Good evening. My name is David, and I'll be moderating tonight's call.
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Most amazing service ever. Most of the calls have stopped, we can now enjoy family time without the phone ringing.

Thank you for this service. I get a lot less annoying calls.

I love this service. It blocks so many of these robo callers. I laugh at the tricks these callers use to disguise themselves. Nomorobo helps me a lot.

Can not tell you enough how pleased I am....this is one of the best things that has happened....can you fix Washington? I knew there were intelligent people in this world that were not corrupt. Thank you thank you

I don't know what the robocallers hear on their end of the line when their call is blocked but I know what I hear on my end--silence. Yes!

Until we signed up for Nomorobo we were plagued with solicitation calls. Although they still call we no longer have to look at caller ID to determine whether we needed to ignore or answer.

Absolutely love it. The best thing since the telephone.

still getting numerous calls every day. Number always changes. Your service didnt help as far as i can see. thanks for trying.

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