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Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Did you know that Joe Biden wrote the 994 crime bill that locked 1000000 the black people for nonviolent drug crimes he was so proud he even called it the Biden Bill is a v.p. pick Kamel here with the corrupt fraud that you promoted her career she kept black people in jail beyond their sentences for free prison labor she refused to talk her fellow cop or police brutality Guillen Komla do not stand with black people Kanye West is the only presidential candidate then if a black American and he's on the ballot vocally on November 3rd there's Maso a pay for by John Berman's Ecole a project 15000000.
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Best invention since caller ID!

Nomorobo!!! Sitting there watching TV, the phone rings - once! Nomorobo gotcha again!

Great service! Now can you do the same for political calls too?

It actually works. Bless You.

Love it. Has madeA huge difference Thank you!

One ringy-dingy and "Zap!" The robocalls disappear! And this was during election season. Love it!

Absolutely the best thing to happen to the telephone since its invention. Serenity Now!

The best!It's a lot quieter in our house these days. Your company should receive the Medal of Freedom!DH

The number of frustrating robocalls is exploding, but there are more options than ever to fight back
Nomorobo is an excellent service and worthy of our Editors' Choice award.
It's a problem that gets worse every year...but a new website promises to change all that. without that nuisance we know as robocalls has a nice ring to it.
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If you have a phone, you probably get robocalls...but relief may soon be available...
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Robo-calls, meet the terminator.
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