Phone Scam Alert!

(667) 335-0147 is a Blood Donation Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Hi, this is Joanie with American Red Crossbird Services. May I speak with Abdul, please? Hello, Abdul there. This is Joanie with American Red Crossboard Services. Is anyone on the line? Oh, hi, Abdul. How are you doing today? Hello? Oh, I'm glad to hear that. Well, as I said, I'm Joanie with the American Red Cross blood Services. And first I want to let you know the call may be recorded now. And thank you so much for all of your previous donations. I show you've got five donations here, which means you've actually touched the lives or saved the lives of approximately 15 patients with those five donations. So thank you. And then with your blood type a negative, that's at a critical level. So we hope that you can help us. I've got your zip code as 20180 in. What's that? Lovettsville. So we're looking well, we're hoping that you can help us schedule an appointment that would help to ensure the patients with the sickle cell disease would get the treatments that they need. And let me just see what I might have in your neighborhood. 1 second. That's 20180. Okay, so now what day works best for you to come in? I've got a blood drive coming up tomorrow. I.
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excellent! I have seen a steady DECREASE in the number of annoying robocalls, this service has cut the scammers calling my number by over 75%....AMAZING and I LOVE IT.

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Nomorobo is GREAT !! Saves us a lot of time not answering those recorded calls. However, a few have figured out how to get around Nomorobo ...hope you can solve that problem.

I think it is fantastic and it has quietened the phone calls almost to nothing even during the election. Congratulations on a great tool for stopping mid-meal, mid-viewing extremely annoying robocalls. Combined with my 'no call" list peace reigns !! Thank you so much.Any charity you would like me to contribute to on your behalf ??

I think it's great. Really cuts down on annoying calls...however...some of them seem to slip by. I guess there's always somebody out there that can out fox what you're doing. It's really too bad, but I appreciate the effort you make & it does make a difference. Thanks for your service!!!

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