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  • Transcript Hi This is T. a president Best Brown inviting you to join our kill town hall about the upcoming 2020 day of action stay on the line to be connected. To anything in thank you for joining us 1st ever tell a town hall meeting I'm Best Brown a high school English teacher from Grandy County and president of the Tennessee Education Association and I'm so glad you can join me tonight for an exciting and they also meant during the call we will have 3 polling questions for you to answer I'll reserve question and give you instructions on how to input your answer we also want to hear your questions and concerns so please press not on your phone any time to get in line to speak live with me as you know the T.S.A. board of directors voted in 2015 to adopt 2 priority goals for the association to eliminate high stakes decisions based on standardized tests that effect.
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My husband and I considered cutting service to our landline before NOMOROBO. Thank you for giving us some peace in our own home.

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Great service! We really appreciate those robocalls and telemarketers being screened out. Now we never answer the phone before the second ring.

While not all calls can be stopped, we've noticed a huge reduction in the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls. Great service!

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