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(614) 396-8786 is a Political Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Hi, there. This is Vivek Ramaswamy, and I'm running as a Republican candidate for President of the United States. I'm going to be in Iowa starting tonight, but I'm calling you right now to invite you to a live teleforum town hall meeting. Right now, that's a town hall by telephone. I'm going to answer your questions. I'm going to discuss why I'm running. I'm going to discuss my vision for the country. Just stay on the line, and you're going to automatically be placed into this toll free conference to listen in with your neighbors across the state. Again. This is Vivek Ramaswami. I'm a Republican candidate for president in the 2024 race. Just stand the line to join our conference call right now. I'm grateful you're joining for us. This is a call paid for by Vivek 2024. Callback number is 614-396-8786. And just stay on the line and you'll be with me shortly. Thank you. Please hold while we connect you to your access live event. This access live event is currently in progress. Please note that this call may be monitored, recorded, or rebroadcast the world of politics and public service for a number of years now. And I've concluded that now more than ever, we need a leader who has the courage to speak the truth, a leader who will boldly fight for the truth, and a leader who communicates in such a way that it inspires others to pursue the truth. And as I've watched and listened to Vivek, I have never been more excited for a presidential candidate. So with that, I'll go ahead and turn it over to you, Vivek. Thanks a lot. I appreciate that. We're excited for our upcoming trip to Iowa, where we'll be this evening. But more importantly, that's just one small step in our national revival. I think we're in the middle of this national identity crisis where faith, patriotism, hard work, family, these things have disappeared. And I'll tell you this as a member of my generation. I'm 37 years old. I'm the first millennial candidate ever to run for US. President. As a Republican. I'll just tell you as a member of my generation that we are all so hungry for a cause. We're hungry for purpose and meaning and identity at this time in our national history, when the things that used to fill that void, like faith in God, like belief in country have disappeared. That's what leaves this moral vacuum of a black hole in its wake. That's what allows poison to fill the void. From wokism to transgenderism to climatism to covidism, they're preying on a vacuum of meaning.
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I love NOMOROBO! I tell all my friends and family about it. I would like to see the option to block charities as well. I get calls several times a day from different cancer societies asking for donations.

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