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  • Transcript Morning This is Adam with B.S.A. recruiting following up with you you talked to a member of my team a while back and you expressed to us your interest in creating a secondary source of income are you ready for your opportunity to make a bunch of money with us now much like a business broker would sell a subway or Domino's Pizza franchise our SO C. Is earning huge profits with our digital franchise business right now this is a big ticket business investment opportunity with big ticket payouts for serious investors only if you are still that serious about making money person we spoke to before and would like to speak to my diamond level coach right now then press 1 if you're no longer interested then just press 2 now and you'll be removed from our lives forever but if you see where the American economy is going and want to take action to secure your financial freedom press 1 now and speak with a team member and asked them how do I get my first cashier's check.
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