Phone Scam Alert!

(509) 213-6896 is a Fake Police Charity Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Garrett. I hope you're staying out of trouble over there. I'm only kidding. This is Frank Wallace calling for the American police officers. I was just saying we're going to continue to fight for our officers rights and ensure that they're receiving the proper training to keep our streets safe at night. So I all we ask is that when you receive I just wanted to make sure that if we mailed you out an envelope, that these officers could count on your support. Okay, fantastic. Thank you. We'll get that out to you in the next couple of days. We didn't know which one, though. The big one goes out for 50, and the basic is for just 30. Could you try the big one, or is the basic better this time? Okay, well, which one is best for you then? Hello? Are you there?
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