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(505) 372-1544 is a Political Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hi My name is Matt and I'm calling on behalf of the Council for a competitive New Mexico with a message about one of the candidates in the upcoming Democratic primary for Senate honestly the reason I'm making these calls is because society is bought and paid for by powerful Washington d.c. special interest groups who specialize in attacking other Democrats now more than ever we need a strong united Democratic Party to fight for our values and take on Donald Trump and the Republicans in the fall I don't think I can vote for someone who takes money from outside groups dedicated to tearing down other Democrats these Guard money groups and their corporate donors what their very own puppet in Santa Fe and that's why they're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect her so please consider voting against site Hemphill in this year's primary and this call was paid for by the.
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Love it!! However, emergency robo calls do not come thru. For instance, when our town calls to inform us there is an emergency. This could be dangerous

Great service! Now I do not have to listen to Rachel of Credit Card Services!

Nomorobo has made my home a much nicer place to be. I thank you for eliminating most of the numerous pesky calls that interrupted my day and made me paranoid to answer my phone. Your service indeed does what it claims. Thank you.

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Greatest thing since popcorn....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Nomorobo works fantastic, I was getting 13 to 18 robocalls every day. Now we get 0, even blocks the annoying political call. I have recommended it to ALL my friends and family.Bobby

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