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  • Transcript State Representative Charlie Conrad. I am currently conducting a live town hall meeting to give constituents of House District Twelve an opportunity to learn about what has been happening in the legislature and to ask me any questions you might have. I would be grateful if you would please stay on the line and allow us to connect you automatically to my live town hall meeting. Again, this is State Representative Charlie Conrad. Welcome to my telephone town hall meeting, which is now in for progress. Thank you. You can reach my office at 503-986-1412. To opt out, please press Star Two or dial 844-28-0880, extension 97531. You are joining a live conference already in progress. Please be aware that your local phone company may leave your line open for up to 32 seconds after you leave the conference. If you would like to ask the speaker a question, please press zero. Be having him in the building tonight, so thank you, Charlie. Yeah. Thank you, Jennifer. You're welcome. So tell us a little bit about yourself and House District Twelve. Thank you and good evening, and I really do appreciate the opportunity to be here at Relief Nursery again with all the good work that you guys do. That's some of what I want to talk about when it comes to me and some of the interests that I have as a public employee for the past 23 years, 14 of that as a police officer, you can help people, but as a police officer, really, you help people one call at a time. And what I want to do in this position is really help more people. How can I do it broader perspective than just one door at a time. And so, as I've gone through my career, I've really focused on trying to increase the impact that I can have and give back to that community. And so what I get to do in House District Twelve, which goes from the Lane Douglas Line, so it includes Creswell and Cottage Grove, all the way up Junction City, just a little bit into Lynn County, but not Harrisburg, up to Oak Ridge and then some of the south hills of Eugene. I really get to have an impact in a broad sector. And for me, living in Dexter for the past 20 plus years, I get to advocate for my rural communities, I get to advocate for my rural sector, for my agricultural industries, for my small businesses. And that's what I appreciate that I get to do. And it's important for me that I get to do that. And a lot of that comes down to the families and the work that you do. It really is important that we have educated kids, that we have families that work hard, but that we give them opportunities, we give them housing opportunities, we give them safe places to live, and we give them something to achieve and we reward them for the hard work. And to me, that's really important. That's great, Charlie. Thank you so much. In case you're just joining us, this is a live event with your state representative, Charlie Conrad. He's giving us an update about what he's been working on for us.
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