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(424) 395-0452 is a Work From Home Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript This is Darryl Thompson and please do not hang up because I have an important message for you that will completely transform your finances and help you make a life changing income within 90 days or less I was able to leave my job almost 15 years ago and I've been earning an incredible income working from the comfort of my home and I want to share with you exactly how I can help you do the same we have a home based business that can completely replace the income that you make from your current job now if you're currently unemployed or are without income Unfortunately we cannot help you as we can only help you if you are currently employed so if you are currently unemployed or you'd like to be removed from our list please press 9 on your phone now again press 1 to be removed if you are unemployed or if you're not interested and you will never hear from us again however if you are currently employed and you're interested in a way starting part time of either supplementing or replacing the income you earned from your current.
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Just last week, 10,838 people got Nomorobo protection!

Wonderful App. I appreciate that when my phone rings once and stops, Nomorobo has zapped another unwanted call. When one does get through, I place it on the Nomorobo list and never get it again.THANKS!!

I love nomorobo. Made my house a lot quieter and i tell everyone about


Thanks so much for your great service. Perhaps as much as half of my incoming calls are now stopped by Nomorobo. Some still get through, however; please publicize how I can report those numbers to you to stop them also. It's amazing to me how some of the same robo calls recur again and again; those computers are tireless and don't seem to care that their prior calls have been unsuccessful in getting me to buy anything or that I have asked them to stop calling me.

What a blessing to hear only one ring! The best gift I can give anyone is to introduce them to Nomorobo.

Thank you! I had doubts about nomorobo - I was so wrong! I love it! You all should win some sort of peace prize!

I love it.Saves me running to the phone and finding someone calling that I done't want to talk too. keep up the good.

Filters out a lot of calls after the first ring. I love it.

Is there a hero among us who can rise up and build something to foil the dreaded robocall?
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