Phone Scam Alert!

(352) 534-1940 is a Political Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript This is Roger Stone. As an advisor and close personal friend of President Donald Trump for over 40 years, I understand the importance of electing candidates who will put America and Florida first at the statewide level. That's why I'm endorsing Taylor Yarkovsky for the State House. You see, Taylor Yakovsky is a brother in Christ, a businessman, a family man, and a solid conservative. The political establishment is attacking him, just like they attacked Trump in 2016. In 2020, I know that Taylor Yarakovsky will hold fast to the cause for freedom, and I strongly urge you to vote for him on August 23. Paid for by Taylor Yarn Akuski, republican for State representative. We can be reached at 352-534-1940.
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I can't believe how many robo calls NOMOROBO has blocked especially at dinner time and on weekends. Also, during the recent elections. Hearing these politicians on TV was bad enough, getting calls was even worse.Thank You for your service.

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Absolutely the best thing to happen to the telephone since its invention. Serenity Now!

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Thank you so much! Love this service!

The person that developed this is a GENIUS--best thing to come along for peace and protection from those nasty calls!!!Thanks!

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