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(318) 721-5796 is a Health Insurance Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hello thanks for connecting I am the virtual assistant for the u.s. Department of Health Insurance Plans for citizens My purpose is to distribute important information to you about new medical plans that are offered at a significant discount due to President Biden's new comprehensive health care policy collectively referred to as Biden care your plan will provide 100 percent coverage 0 deductible and income protection in case you become sick and are unable to work using the latest artificial intelligence automation you are now able to attain folded tails and an instant quote for these plans designed specifically for you in your situation so to use this Ai automation to receive a quote I need to have you write down the website and I can also deliver an s.m.s. text with a link that will provide you the information in an efficient manner would you like to hear the website and receive this text.
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Just last week, 8,270 people got Nomorobo protection!

Terriffic! All the governmental agencies who supposed to protect us from this stuff are USELESS is stopping the plague of annoying calls. I get 3-4 every day. Its outrageous! I'm tired of paying bureaucrats salaries who aren't accomplishing what they're supposed to in protecting us from this nonsense. The "Do Not Call" registry is a joke- useless. Thank god for you guys!!

Great, great, great.

For every action there's a reaction, Nomorobocalls!

works great

I am thrilled with the service! I love the only one ring and it's over!!! It has saved me many steps from running to the living room to see who is calling! Think I may have gained a few pounds due to the loss of that exercise! I even posted you on my Facebook page! You can't tell a machine not to call again!! And yes, I was on the do not call register!!

Fantastic - in our area we get the telemarketing calls every winter season - Nomorobo stops them cold.

I think it's a fantastic service that I impress on anybody I hear complain about all the calls.

Nomorobo definitely better than "do not call list".

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