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(317) 550-5527 is a Student Loan Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hello this is Jan the student Assistance Corporation the call may be monitored recorded is Monica Richardson there please. . Monica This is Janice Eunice's this corporation calling you regarding student loans made a few minutes of your time and attention to look at programs in options available that will offer assistance regarding student loans. . If you do some of these programs in the past Mike I'm thinking that you must not be aware that there's still assistance here for you if you'll take the time to get a return phone call and ask for assistance we will look at all the programs and options available and determine how best to offer assistance based on your current situation it's important to call sooner rather than later I don't want to miss this opportunity here at the month and call me at 805622525. We're here till 9 P.M. Eastern time Monica thank you.
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Nomorobo!!! Sitting there watching TV, the phone rings - once! Nomorobo gotcha again!

Great............Love it..............

Nomorobo is amazing! It saves me a great deal of aggravation by dramatically minimizing the non-stop ringing of robo-calls. Thank you for such a great tool!

it only works on some of calls its better but some calls still getting through

Wonderful service. It's been so nice not having to deal with annoying robo calls, especially during the election season.

Fantastic! Every time my phone rings once and Nomorobo hangs up on the telemarketer I smile inside. Stops them from leaving 9 second messages on my voicemail that I have to delete, also!

No, I'm still getting the calls.

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