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  • Transcript Hi This is Sarah with the U.A.W. and we're calling U.A.W. members retirees and their families to ask for your help with a critical issue facing fellow U.A.W. members Republicans in the House recently passed the American Health Care Act and now Republicans in the Senate are working on passing a very similar bill the Senate majority whip JOHN CORNYN has said the Senate bill will likely keep 80 percent of what is in the House bill the House bill raises the cost of coverage for individuals by as much as $10000.00 a year dramatically slashes Medicaid which covers long term care for low income seniors which is a majority of seniors and the disabled taxes our health care benefits steals from the Medicare trust fund and takes health care away from 23 million people also that millionaires and billionaires and insurance and pharmaceutical companies can get huge tax breaks we need your help to defeat this bill that threatens all U.A.W. members and their families press 1 right now to be connected to your senator when they answer just say your.
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