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  • Transcript Follows coach Robert here with a quick question would you like to receive $5000.00 every month or $5000.00 every week the answers in your mindset and the people who you spend time with I joined this program because my coach asked me the same question Why work for 5000 dollars a month when you can receive 5000 dollars a week it was 1 little adjustment in my mindset that got me thinking weekly not monthly so guess what I'm here to help you with that same question it's time to snap out of that old money mindset we get so used to press 1 to listen to the 6 minute automated details or call 313-293-6815 if you're not interested just press 9 to be removed from our list and go back to your regularly scheduled programming or press 1 now to make a change in your life today and I'll guarantee you I will show you everything you need to be a success in this program just like me and my coach and her coach before her success repeats.
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