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(303) 299-2397 is a Research Call

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  • Transcript Good evening. I'm calling on behalf of the Regional Transportation District to invite you to join RTD Director Angie Rivera Malkieti and RTD staff on a live telephone town hall meeting starting in just a couple of minutes. We will be providing updates and responding to your questions about RTD services. Topics for tonight's discussion will include the fair study and equity analysis, safety and security on the RTV system, recruitment efforts and the next steps. Reimagine our TV. For more information, call 303-299-2397 to join the meeting right now. Just stay on the line. During the event, you can listen in to the conversation, ask questions, and share your comments. Please stay on the line to be connected to the live conference. Thank you for writing RTD. If you wish to be removed from our dialing list, please press nine now.
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We use Comcast for phone, TV, internet & Verizon for cell service (no smart phone.) Can't get NOMOROBO! Grrr!

Works as advertised. In conjunction with blocked calling via Time Warner, my junk call load is down 95%. Until our bought and paid for and or/incompetent legislatures do their jobs, I'm sticking with you guys. In other words, for the forseeable future.

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