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  • Transcript Hello gallery members please hold for an important message. . Galley joined the men's ministry as we celebrate two thousand and seven team in state iron sharpens iron on tonight join us at six pm for our provisional following at seven P.M. We welcome guests revivalist pastor Del Roberts of the Nineteenth Street Baptist Church of Washington D.C. along with their men's choir on Sunday men stay at the seven thirty A.M. worship service we welcome Pastor Lucius Dalton from the Mt Mariah Baptist Church of Washington D.C. and at the eleven A.M. worship service welcome Pastor D E Greene from the Andrew chapel Baptist Church of Orangeburg South Carolina where there is much more dc's own recording artist Willie Blunt will be our special guest at both services Leslie will be saluting the two thousand and seventeen graduates of men under construction at the eleven A.M. worship said with so come out and support the men of God only as we fill a.
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