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(281) 929-9794 is a Political Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hello this is Dr Steve Toltz the founder of conservative Republicans of Texas I need your help desperately private investigators have uncovered a massive voter fraud scheme by pro-communist Texas Democrats who are working with Democrat county clerks across the state to steal the election we filed legal actions with the Texas Supreme Court to prevent this incredibly the elected statewide Republican officials are working against this please punch one on your phone to be connected to the office of lieutenant governor Dan Patrick leave him a message that you want him to do everything within his power to stop voter election fraud in Texas and that you won him to support my legal efforts before the Texas Supreme Court if we don't stop this democratic election fraud then they will steal the election turn Texas Blue and Trump will be defeated please punch one day.
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This service has been great. Stops the PIA's (Pain in the ASSES) from getting through. They get smarter and a few are finding how to get around it.

Great product. Thank you, but unfortunately more and more calls are getting through.

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