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(201) 510-2580 is a Life Insurance Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript You? Hello? Hi, this is Alex calling you from senior. Hello, can you hear me now? Hello? Hi, this is Alex calling you from senior healthcare department. How are you doing today? Actually, the reason why we are calling you I am calling to let you know that we are working with a new low cost final expense insurance plan in your area. It will be 100% covered by of your funeral burial expiration expenses. So, let me qualify you before I get to connect to my verification office. So may I know how old are you? How old are you? I'm saying how old are you? It's just a verification purpose. How old are you? What is your date of birth? I'm saying confirm me. Your bit over like in your happy birthday final expense to.
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Just last week, 8,280 people got Nomorobo protection!

I love NOMOROBO! I tell all my friends and family about it. I would like to see the option to block charities as well. I get calls several times a day from different cancer societies asking for donations.

System is great. It would be even better if you could block political and charities. It is great to be able to eat a meal without a phone interuption.

I can tell when it's working. I only here one ring then I don't even have to look at the phone and I don't have empty messages in my voice mail box. I know Nomorobo has just saved me from another annoying call.

Love it. It has stopped all those annoying calls.


An excellent way to stop telemarketers.


It's such a relief when the phone only rings once!!Many thanks for this great public service.

The number of frustrating robocalls is exploding, but there are more options than ever to fight back
Nomorobo is an excellent service and worthy of our Editors' Choice award.
It's a problem that gets worse every year...but a new website promises to change all that. without that nuisance we know as robocalls has a nice ring to it.
A groundbreaking solution to the problem...I'm positive it's going to work.
If you have a phone, you probably get robocalls...but relief may soon be available...
...there is little you can do to stop them...but new technology [is] coming soon...
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Is there a hero among us who can rise up and build something to foil the dreaded robocall?
...may have solved one of the perpetual annoyances of living in the telephone age.
Robo-calls, meet the terminator.
...those illegal prerecorded messages hawking everything from timeshares in the Bahamas to free money.