Featured 2020 Election Robocalls

Every candidate, campaign, and political party is using robocalls to influence the 2020 election. Nomorobo's tracking them all.

(703) 795-5364   Virginia

...a Taylor from Project 1599 civil rights organization founded by Jack Burkman and Jacob Wald Malin voting sounds great but did you know that if you vote by mail your personal information will be part...

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(202) 900-4134   Washington DC

...Reagan appointed federal prosecutor and liberty guard president Bob Barr you may have seen me on T.V.'s Fox News Fox Business c.n.n. p.b.s. or m s n b c After leaving the Congress I founded liberty guard to ferret out deep state corruption that undermines our democracy and the...

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(202) 618-5345   Washington DC

...Trump this election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life or whether we will allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it with less than 10 weeks left until the election President Trump is calling on you right now more than ever to step up and defeat Joe Biden and the radical Democrats do your...

Last detected at: 10/23/20 6:43pm Listen

(334) 500-3458   Alabama

...Trump and I'm running for the presidency of the United States of America and if the Democratic Party wants to stand with an audience rioters looters and flag burners that is up to them but I as your president will not be a part of this President Trump wants to provide law and order to America and help show our support...

Last detected at: 9/14/20 6:06pm Listen

(888) 250-3648   National

...from the American Postal Workers Union it made 882503648 because the situation of the postal service has begun to harm the many Americans who depend on the postal system a recent poll found that one in 5 Americans depends on the postal service to deliver medicines but a quarter of those had recently begun to experience...

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(602) 932-7166   Arizona

...at with the Arizona chant victory team I'm calling the give you a heads up that President Trump is sending you an absentee ballot request form absentee voting is a safe and secure method to cast your ballot it requires voters to fill out a form that...

Last detected at: 11/3/20 8:17pm Listen

(850) 408-9453   Florida

...and I'm a volunteer with the Republican Party of Florida before the pandemic President Trump worked tirelessly for the American people he delivered jobs tax cuts and an American economy diet president to Thais Even now his party is to rebuild America to be a more prosperous nation than ever before Joe Biden on...

Last detected at: 11/18/20 6:09pm Listen

(202) 774-2559   Washington DC

...a mistake he spray gone on a recorded line on behalf of the National Republican Congressional Committee 1st as always we want to start out by thanking you for your support these last years as patriots like you they are...

Last detected at: 10/14/20 10:08am Listen

(608) 509-7476   Wisconsin

...and I'm a volunteer with the Wisconsin from Victory team before the pandemic president top works tirelessly for the American people he delivered jobs tax cuts and an American economy that had unprecedented highs even now his priority is to rebuild America to be an even more prosperous nation than before Joe...

Last detected at: 9/13/20 8:14pm Listen

(703) 795-5364   Virginia

...Joe Biden wrote the 994 crime bill that locked 1000000 the black people for nonviolent drug crimes he was so proud he even called it the Biden Bill is a v.p. pick Kamel here with the...

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