Featured 2020 Election Robocalls

Every candidate, campaign, and political party is using robocalls to influence the 2020 election. Nomorobo's tracking them all.

(941) 740-8491   Florida

...and I'm a volunteer with the Republican Party of Florida before the pandemic President Trump worked tirelessly for the American people he delivered jobs tax cuts and an American economy diet president to Thais Even now his party is to rebuild America to be a more prosperous nation than...

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(585) 493-1559   New York

...a Republican conservative candidate for the state Senate district Monroe County board of elections recently mailed every voter and application for an absentee ballot in order to ensure your vote counts I'm asking that you return the application today request a ballot and that you vote for me this election is one of the most important of our lifetimes it's a choice between law...

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(209) 259-0691   California

...I won't play silly d.c. games and I'll always support great place officers over violent mobs after an insurance company let my 1st wife die from a treatable heart condition I vowed to protect...

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(650) 297-0273   California

...much for picking up the line My name is Tigris Lee we were reaching out really quick on behalf of the Biden Victory Fund really quick the laundry quarter for quality we're actually 15 days away from the...

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(720) 251-2203   Colorado

...from the Trump campaign I was wondering...

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