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  • Transcript This is a message for insurance and financial professionals if you are not 1 please dial 9 to opt out now do your clients want income guarantees or both Hi this is Amy with American general life and A.R.G. member company and we have a sales idea we'd like to share with you multiple life insurance retirement solutions exist for your client some focus on guaranteeing coverage is there when it's needed others provide the potential for tax advantaged cash benefits which may be used to supplement retirement income is 1 write for your client why not offer them both I'd like to send you a customizable P.D.F. that you can share with clients which outlines the benefits of this 2 policy idea is a bright idea on how to help you open the door to more conversations and help your clients maximize their insurance program and benefits if you'll press 1 leave your name number and email I'll send this customizable sales idea out to you today or you can call our sales desk at 808457933 just press 1 now and leave your info or call the sales desk at 808457933.
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