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Do not answer.

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Just last week, 13,458 people got Nomorobo protection!

I am selecting 10 because I am assuming it is working as advertised. One of the problems with something like Nomorobo is that there really isn't a control to tell how well it is working. I am pretty sure I am still getting robocalls, certainly around the elections and at other times. What I don't know is how many less I am getting because of Nomorobo. I think ti is a great idea and I hope it is working as advertised. The only way I could no for sure is if I did not get any of these calls and I do not think that is the case.

One of the best anti incoming unwanted phone call programs I have ran into. Thanks for what you do,

Oh my goodness! Those endless calls were driving me nuts! Time Warner Cable recommend I sign up at Thanks!!

Great! I love it!

I already have recommended Nomorobo to practically everyone I know! To borrow a phrase from my granddaughter, you rock! Can't thank you enough.

Love it. it needs to block unavailble call listings as well.

What a wonderful service this is! No more annoying calls, I love it!

I think it's the best invention ever! Since I retired, I've been amazed at the number of calls during the day, not to mention at night up until 9:00 pm. I love Nomorobo! I let the phone ring, if it stops after one ring, I know I don't have to answer it!!! And I don't have all those hang-ups on my voice mail either! Thank you, Nomorobo!!!

The number of frustrating robocalls is exploding, but there are more options than ever to fight back
Nomorobo is an excellent service and worthy of our Editors' Choice award.
It's a problem that gets worse every year...but a new website promises to change all that. without that nuisance we know as robocalls has a nice ring to it.
A groundbreaking solution to the problem...I'm positive it's going to work.
If you have a phone, you probably get robocalls...but relief may soon be available...
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Is there a hero among us who can rise up and build something to foil the dreaded robocall?
...may have solved one of the perpetual annoyances of living in the telephone age.
Robo-calls, meet the terminator.
...those illegal prerecorded messages hawking everything from timeshares in the Bahamas to free money.