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  • Transcript Hello. This is Congressman Adrian Smith at 308-3843 900. I hope you will join me for a live telephone town hall meeting going on right now. Please just stay on the line to join the discussion on current legislative issues. Your opinions are very important to me, so please stay on the line to speak to me live right now on this free telephone call. Thanks. Please hold while we connect you to your access live live event. This access live event is currently in progress. Please note that this call may be monitored, recorded, or rebroadcast. Three to Ask a question over the month of August, I really appreciate the opportunity to be around the third district. We have 80 counties in the third district. I visited a lot of those throughout the month of August. It was busy time, but it was great to see a lot of folks along the way and encouraged by so many Nebraskans working hard to strengthen their communities. And highlights of my travels were seeing, for example, folks at the state fair, among many other places around the district. And I have to say that the character and work ethic of Nebraskans I've had the opportunity to speak with, that leaves me very optimistic about the future. Amidst the challenges facing our country, I think we in Nebraska are in a good spot. Just as part of history. I have to say that when President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Grand Island Public Library for its groundbreaking event in 1903, he noted his pride in Nebraskan's, care of the land, and added, quote, what really counts in any state and in any time is the character of the men and women whom the state produces. End quote. In addition to the abundant crops and goods grown and made in our great state, nebraskans as a people certainly stand out above all, government funding deadline that we are looking at here. Funding the government in addressing Washington and spending addiction is a huge concern to me. And I will take all of the feedback that I've received. I will put that together as we.
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Love it, it stops 90% of the calls that I don’t want. Thanks

It has been a blessing to my household. I have a day sleeeper he works at nights and he loves it to. Many thanks.

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Love it. it needs to block unavailble call listings as well.


It has been great. Nuisance phone calls ring once maybe twice then stop.Thankyou for your service.

Great Product! I wish it were easier to put non 800 numbers on the list. There is a lot of navigation through ATT to even find where to put numbers to be blocked.

I have been recommending this to everyone I know who has a land line. I just love Nomorobo. We used to get about 3 calls a night and a couple more during the day. No more calls. When a new one slips through I just log on and add to the phone list.

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